Norman Design Group teamed up with the area’s best craftsman and professionals to build this home from the ground up. As an avid surfer and outdoorsman, our client wanted an interior to accommodate his active lifestyle and entertainment goals. A bold steel front door opens into an elegant foyer and stairway, adorned with antique European pavers and plastered walls. The open floor plan of the home allows for easy entertaining, while the neutral fabrics, use of saddle leather, unique textures, and color palette of sage greens with pops of deep purple function to bring the feel of ‘the great outdoors’ inside. Our talented team of designers resourced all the materials and architectural details of the home’s interior, seeing the project through the decoration phase.

What we love about this project: time-worn materials, hand crafted light fixtures, artisan finishes, retractable doors, and an open floor plan that makes a vibrant space suitable for effortless entertaining. Our favorite details include the antique beams resourced from Kentucky tobacco barns, the sandstone tub, and the commanding views of the Pacific Ocean.

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